Luxurious Bathroom Remodels

Guest Blogger:  Carly from Moss Building & Design on August 31, 2015 Create a Luxurious Oasis in your Bathroom After a long day, you might want to come home, sit down and watch some reality television, or maybe your method of relaxation includes spending time relaxing in a bubble bath. Want to make your bathroom feel like an in-home…Read more

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family Guest Blogger: Kaitlin Krull   via Modernize   Moving house is a stressful time for everyone, let alone for families. Keeping track of all your possessions, children, and sanity during the process seems like an insurmountable task. Take the stress out of your move with…Read more

Moving Day Recap with Bookstore Movers

August 25, 2015 ~ studiostyleblog Guest Blog Thought I’d share a moving day recap (though this has now turned into an incredibly long post, oops)- this particular one actually went very smoothly and was almost completely stress free thanks to Bookstore Movers! Moving is always a huge pain but with enough organization, preparation and an…Read more

Packing Tips and Tricks with Lend-A-Box

August 17, 2015 ~ studiostyleblog Guest Blogger The crazy packing process is officially underway and I made a ton of progress this weekend so I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to make packing for a move efficient and organized. For this move, I’m partnering up with the great people at Lend-A-Box! They…Read more

Home Improvements and Renovations Covered by the VA Loan

Guest Blogger, John Ridlehoover The VA loan has helped many veterans, active military, and their dependents obtain home ownership. The VA loan offers many benefits not included in conventional loans, including lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, no money down, and much more. Another benefit of the VA loan is that it will cover some…Read more

Go Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Go Green: 5 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips Going Green….It isn’t just the “cool” thing to do, it’s the RIGHT thing to do. Here are 5 tips to make your move a little less harmful on the environment.   1. Donate Items When you’re packing up your belongings, you’re probably going to be ditching quite a bit…Read more

A guide: What Movers Won’t Move

Reprinted with Permission from Two Men and A Truck. January 26, 2015 by moverswhoblog Written by Nicole Harrison Picture this: Its moving day. The day you’ve been obsessing over for weeks. You have packed and organized and then reorganized. The movers have pulled up and started loading the truck. Half way into your move you…Read more

Take The Hassle Out Of Moving In 2015

Awesome Testimonial from Bethany Stalder, Realtor February 21, 2015 It’s almost that time of year – the snow is starting to melt (we can dream, right?), the weather will warm up, and soon it’ll be the 2015 Spring moving season. If you’re relocating this year and you’re doing it yourself, here’s how to take the…Read more

9 Ways to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

Guest Blogger – Donna Lutkins, Realtor February 24th, 2015 Note from Lend A Box:  We love these ideas!  When you are ready to renovate, consider using our sturdy boxes to store your stuff during the project. A designer shares key areas where you can economize — and still get the kitchen of your dreams Kelli…Read more

Downsizing is More than a Space Issue…it’s a Family Affair

Guest Blogger – Wade Gilley, Realtor February 25, 2015 What stays and what goes when families pack up and move? This might be a trick question because the answer depends on so many variables. After 10 moves in my adult life, and countless days packing boxes, I haven’t figured out how to squelch the pile…Read more

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