Secrets to Staging Your Home for an Upcoming Sale

Secrets to Staging Your Home for an Upcoming Sale

Guest Blogger – Wade Gilley, Realtor
Shakespeare Said it Best

“All the world’s a stage” and your listing can outperform the other acts on a showing list with a little bit of staging. Staging is what the buyer can see. It can showcase a property’s best features, make rooms look bigger, and let the sunshine in. It is NOT about showing off our collections, our family photos or the world’s most comfortable easy chair. It might feel like an insult to your stuff and your lifestyle, but it is NOT personal. Instead, staging is a business strategy which makes it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves in a house. After all, you want the sale, right?

Staging is a sales tool which benefits the buyer by creating an optimum view of the space and can also help sellers jumpstart a move. Most often, the eyes of someone who isn’t living in the space, can better “see” how to optimize room views by editing contents and shifting the furnishings. (Even if you love your bed under the window, the room may look better while it is on the market by placing it somewhere else in the room!) A do it yourself tip: when you think you are finished, take away one more piece of furniture and just see how much extra space you’ve gained.

Mementos, personal objects, extra clothing and well loved furnishings packed and stored for a new destination move the entire process along. Perform this same edit on the home’s hidden spaces – behind closet doors and inside cabinets. Overloaded closets always signal not enough storage, but open shelves and roomy cabinets always have a different effect. One set of new towels is an easy way to perk up a bath, and an accent pillow may be the perfect finish to pull a room together.

Remember, staging isn’t personal, it is performance art. Setting the stage for a home sale success is Act One and you can reach me by phone or this email address if you want some help.

Notes for Lend A Box:  What a great strategy, Wade!  Consider renting our easy to use, stack-able, un-crushable plastic boxes during your staging process to store your home items until you move.  Our boxes stack nicely on top of each other, and can hold 100 lbs on the lids.  The boxes can easily be moved from place to place using the custom dollies that come with the orders.  You can store the boxes in your garage (if you have one), or a self storage unit. If you have things neatly stacked in the garage, your items are accessible to you, already packed for the upcoming move and out of the way visually for the home sale.

We offer short-term and long-term rental pricing for our boxes.  And if you really love them, we are happy to sell them to you also.  Please call for pricing, we’d love to help you with your upcoming home sale and move.

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