One of the great things about working at Lend a Box is that I get to drive all over town.  Yeah, I know, traffic sucks.  It is what it is.  But, as time permits in the schedule, I like to stop and refill on coffee, grab a bite to eat, and sit and watch people.  I also like to look at the interesting sights, particularly some of the really nice houses in and around DC.  Some of these are just awesome old brownstones, or nice old mansions, and sometimes they are just quaint little places that are well kept by their owners.  I also get me meet a lot of nice people, both our customers and just people we meet by happenstance.
So, the wonderful sisters I work for asked me to start a blog about all of the places I like, things I see, and  just my thoughts.  I agreed, and this is my first installment.  I hope you like it.
One of my favorite little coffee shops in Arlington is the Java Shack.  I discovered this little gem about a year ago.  It sits under a barber shop near the Courthouse.  It’s small, eclectic, and almost cozy.  They have a nice outside seating area, which caters to dog lovers.  Most importantly, the coffee is great and their cups are HUGE.  The owners are young and ambitious.  I think they’ve opened another shop near the Pentagon.  One cool thing they did last year was to have baristas ride around on three wheeled bikes and rode around Arlington with coffee onboard.  I loved the idea.  I hope they bring it back again.
It’s worth a stop if you get an opportunity.  Speaking of dogs, this is one of mine, Captain Pickles (My daughter named him. . .)

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