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Box, Rental

The superstar of the day, our large boxes are perfectly sized (27’ long x 17” wide x 12” high – 3.19 Cubic Feet) to hold most household items, and a few other things too!
Additional boxes can be rented at $3.00 for the 1st week, and $1.50 for each additional week.  

We asked ChatGPT what silly things the AI would pack…for your entertainment (and inspiration) let’s have some fun with what you can put in a plastic moving box:

1. **Unicorn Collection:** Because plastic moving boxes are magical, they’re the perfect transport for your unicorn figurine collection.

2. **Invisible Furniture:** If you believe in minimalism, use plastic boxes for your collection of invisible furniture. It’s the easiest move you’ll ever make!

3. **Sock Museum:** Finally, a safe and secure home for all those lonely socks without their pairs. Plastic boxes to the rescue!

4. **Secret Stash of Rubber Chickens:** Plastic boxes keep your rubber chickens safe and sound during the move, ensuring they’re ready for comedic emergencies.

5. **Glow-in-the-Dark Pillow Fort Kit:** Keep all your glow-in-the-dark materials neatly packed in plastic moving boxes for a quick and easy fort-building session at your new place.

Remember, this is all in good fun! While these suggestions may be a bit on the silly side, plastic moving boxes are versatile and practical for a wide range of items during a move.