Residential Rentals
Box, Rental

This is a rental product. We rent wardrobes for $7.50 the first week, and $3.25 for each additional week.

Dimensions: 24” Long x 21” Wide x 48 High” (14 Cubic Feet)


Wardrobe boxes protect hanging clothes from wrinkling during your move.

It’s easy to transfer 2 feet of closet space right onto the 2 foot hanger bar.

Wardrobe boxes are made of corrugated plastic and seal with a velcro strip so there’s no taping.
Like our boxes, we pick them up when you’re done, clean them and rent them again.

Please note: The warehouse may provide you with a cardboard wardrobe if all of our plastic wardrobes are being rented.  We pickup the cardboard when you are done, just like the plastic ones.