Moving Boxes Alexandria VA - Lend A Box
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Moving Boxes Alexandria VA

You need moving boxes in or around Alexandria, VA. Simple. You need Lend A Box®.

Need evidence? Okay, so you’re about to move. Or you just moved. Either way, you need a place to keep your stuff safe, secure, unbroken and ready for whatever.

Not it? Well, then you’re about to remodel your home, or your office is about to get a shiny new renovation. You need to put your things in a safe place while the workers do their work.

No? Perhaps your kid just got accepted and is heading off to school. Or maybe returning from school. Kids have stuff, too.

Still not on the mark? Alright…have you dared to look in the attic lately? How about that basement? Should we even bring up the bedroom closet?

We can dig it. You need space. You need storage. You need a way to pack and organize and keep it all safe. You need moving boxes in the Alexandria, VA, area. Basically…you need us.

We are Lend A Box®. We provide moving boxes in Alexandria, VA, as well as throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, DC – areas like Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun. Call us at 703-345-9333 around Loudoun and Fairfax, or 703-988-2470 around DC, Arlington and Alexandria.

On-line is even better! Just click that Order Now button at the top of this webpage, tell us when and where you need moving boxes delivered in Alexandria, VA, and we’ll schedule your delivery of our economical, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly moving and storage boxes — just like that.

With unbeatable affordability and conscientious environmental soundness, we put usable, big, clean, sturdy, safe, high-quality moving boxes (and all related supplies, like dollies, ties and packing paper) straight into your hands. Our product is ideal for moves and/or storage, and we bring it directly to your home, your dorm or your work — as many as you want, to wherever you want, for as long as you want.

Our exclusive Lend A Box® boxes are easy to stack and easy to pack, full or empty. Nothing to put together, so nothing to be messed up. And hey, if you really like them, you can keep them! We sell moving boxes in Alexandria, VA. Please don’t have any qualms about taking them off our hands – there’s plenty more where those came from.

We also provide wardrobe boxes, especially designed to keep your clothes looking untouched and sharp despite being safely packed away.

The moving boxes we provide to our customers in Alexandria, VA, are composed 100% (that means absolutely, totally, completely, entirely) by using recyclable materials. That’s one of many reasons why Lend A Box® has won a Green America Certified Business Seal.

But the big thing is, our moving boxes are cheaper than cardboard, and since they’re reusable for, like, ever. They cut down on all that cardboard waste that piles up in our region’s landfills – and we really don’t need more junk in our region’s landfills.

As a woman-founded and -operated business, Lend A Box® is committed to making the world a more organized and cleaner place, and maybe just a bit better too — not just by renting moving boxes in Alexandria, VA, and the whole DC region, but through our continued commitment to charitable outreach which benefits our community. We lend moving boxes in Alexandria, VA; you make a difference in Alexandria, VA.

Additionally, we are delighted to give a 10% discount, right off the top, to anyone on active duty in our nation’s military services — as a small sign of our grateful appreciation for their role in keeping us free.

Got more questions? We got more answers. Check out our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions page on this website for more about obtaining all the supplies and moving boxes you need in Alexandria, VA.