Moving Boxes for Sale

Moving Boxes for Sale: Buying Tips

If you are planning on moving, the question that obviously pops in your mind is whether you should buy moving boxes or just ask for some slightly used boxes from friends who have moved recently, or from your nearby grocery store. The answer will depend on your budget and your particular moving needs.

If you have expensive or fragile items, for example, that you want to keep out of harm’s way, it may be advisable to opt for moving boxes for sale, just to be on the safe side.

Keep Maximum Weight in Mind

Ideally, you should buy smaller moving boxes or those that can load up to a maximum of 50 lbs. Remember that even if you have contracted professional movers, there may be instances when you have to transfer a specific box from one area of the house to another. Thus, you have to make sure that you can lift each of the boxes on your own. Sometimes, you may need to exceed 50 lbs, as there are items that are heavier like electronics and wardrobe boxes. Just keep them to a minimum.

Types of Moving Boxes for Sale and Their Use
1. 1.5 cu. ft. moving box (16 x 12 ½ x 12 ½”) – This is the most commonly used type and can carry a maximum of 60 lbs. (but keep it to 50 lbs or less); ideal for packing kitchen items, books, fragile items, and small appliances.
2. 3.0 cu. ft. moving box (18 x 18 x 16”) – This type of box can safely accommodate as much as 65 lbs, and is ideal for packing electronics and clothing.
3. 4.5 cu. ft. moving box (18 x 18 x 24”) – This box type can safely load as much as 65 lbs, and is great for bigger kitchen appliances and linens.
4. 6.0 cu. ft. moving box (22 x 22 x 21 ½”) – While it can accommodate as much as 70 lbs, it is not advisable to overstuff it as it can get really heavy. This box can be used for light materials like toys, pillows, chair cushions, and blankets.
5. 6.1 cu. ft. moving box (24 x 18 x 24”) – The rectangular-shaped box works best for comforters, blankets, and cushions, as well as items that don’t properly fit a 6.0 cu. ft. box.
6. Hanging wardrobe box – Available in small, medium, and large sizes each shaped like a wardrobe, this box comes with a metal bar. This is ideal for hanging closet items. The box is heavy and takes up a lot of space. It can also be used to move objects that are best moved hanging than flat like delicate wind chimes and chandeliers.
7. Lay down wardrobe box (32 x 19 7/8 x 9”) – Resembling a dresser drawer, this is ideal for packing clothes that are folded once. Avoid over-packing as this type of box is not suitable for carrying heavy items.
8. Mirror/picture box – Two or more of this type of box can be combined to produce a longer fit. When combining two boxes, secure them with a strong filament tape to accommodate the additional weight; ideal to use for mirrors, artwork, and framed pictures.
9. Dish pack – Ideal for packing cups, glasses or wine/liquor bottles provided it is not over-packed. Always check to make sure that the load is manageable because once it is packed in excess, the box may drop and the contents may break.
10. Mattress box – Some movers find this unnecessary as they prefer to wrap mattresses in cheaper plastic bags. However, a mattress box is safer to use as it will protect your mattress from punctures and other outside forces, especially if it is kept for some time. Mattress moving boxes for sale come in various sizes – from cribs to king-size beds.

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