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We provide environmentally friendly plastic boxes that may be rented separately or in bundles. To keep things simple, we created the most commonly requested box bundles for you, which are listed below.  Or you can mix and match to get the package you want.  If you need more boxes than what we have listed in our bundles here, or need long term pricing, give us a call.  Once you’ve packed a Lend A Box®, you’ll wonder how you ever survived using cardboard boxes!

Great news!  As a result of client feedback, we have started offering flat rate packages in addition to our regular weekly rental packages.  While our regular packages are great for clients who know their desired rental dates, the flat rate packages are ideal for clients who need boxes for an unknown or longer periods of time.  In those cases, many of our clients would rather pay one fixed amount for their rental of boxes (up to a certain number of weeks) and not worry about the weekly rental rates offered in our standard packages.  When choosing the right package for you, please keep in mind that the flat rate packages are not eligible for refunds if the boxes are not used for the entire rental period.

We offer free delivery and pickup with our packages.  For other orders, we charge a $30 delivery fee (higher for out of area deliveries).  There is a $79.00 minimum order (including the delivery fee) for online orders.  If you would like a smaller package, please call our office and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Are you looking for information regarding a corporate order?  Please give us a call at (703) 988-2470 to reserve your boxes!

Average Rental Lengths:

One Bedroom Packages: 12 days

Two Bedroom Packages: 19 days

Three Bedroom Packages: 20 days

Four Bedroom Packages:  24 days


Box Bundles

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*For Flat Rate options, select your pickup date based on when you think you will be ready for us to retrieve the boxes.  If you need to change the date, just let us know. There is no additional charge to you unless you exceed the maximum number of weeks included in the rate.

***  We have daily rental rates after the first week rental as well as long term rental rates.  Call our office for more details! ***


Individual Boxes and Moving Equipment

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