Plastic Storage Bins

Plastic Storage Bins for Moving

There is no doubt that moving boxes are essential to a successful move. Basically, there are two packing options available – the traditional cardboard boxes and plastic storage bins. Choosing one over the other depends on a number of factors including the distance of the move, and the types and volume of the items you intend to move. Cost may also be an important factor, but remember, the cheapest alternative is not necessarily your best possible choice.

Benefits of Using Plastic Storage Bins for Your Move

Plastic bins for moving are eco-friendly and practical to use. For one, they are reusable and provide a straightforward packing solution. Thus, you have the luxury of devoting more time to other important aspects of the move. However, just like the typical cardboard boxes, plastic containers are not always suitable for all types of moves. To help you decide if this storage option is the best for you, here are the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic bins.

Advantages of Using Plastic Moving Containers

• Plastic bins are durable and specifically constructed to offer more protection for your belongings while in transit. The same cannot be said of cardboard boxes that can easily be punctured.
• Moving companies typically offer dollies that are specifically fitted for plastic moving containers. This makes plastic boxes easier to move and less physically demanding to handle when full.
• The containers are reusable and can be rented, thus allowing you to save on the cost of packing materials. Because they can be rented, you can also save time in preparing for the move and in breaking down the cardboard boxes once you get to your destination. The rental company can just pick them up once you are done.
• Plastic storage bins stack better compared to cardboard because they are more stable even while in transit. Because plastic bins can be nested when empty, the amount of mess in the work area is significantly reduced while in the process of packing.
• No assembly and disassembly is needed when using plastic containers, making it faster and easier to pack. You save almost half the time it will otherwise take you to pack using cardboard boxes.

Plastic Storage Containers vs. Cardboard Moving Boxes

If you want to make your move as stress-free as possible, and you want to devote more of your time to the more important areas of transferring to a new home, then your best bet would definitely be to rent plastic storage bins.

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