Commercial Moving Supplies

Commercial Moving Supplies Checklist

A lot of people would be happy just to get their move over and done with – even if their coffee table gets scratched or the bulb of their favorite lamp shade gets shattered – in the process. This is particularly true for people who did the move on their own, without any professional help. This should not be the case, however. Your poor personal belongings need not be the casualties of your recklessness.

The key to packing for a move is a bit of common sense, with a little help from commercial moving supplies. When packing your dishes, for example, which option do you think would fare better inside a bouncing moving track?
a. A stack of dishes with well-padded sides.
b. Dishes protected by bubble wrap and packed on edge

With option a, just a sharp up-down jolt from the truck could cause the entire stack to crack. Option B has better chances of surviving the move.

Buying the right commercial moving supplies will help in the long term. You can buy durable boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing tape from retail outlets or from your local moving truck and van rental company. Supplement the packaging with generous amounts of crumpled paper, pillows, blankets, and clothes that provide buffer in-between fragile or breakable objects.

Useful Packing Tips

Following are some proven tips that can help you pack with a plan for your scheduled move.
• Start by packing from one room to another. As you pack, label the boxes with a short description of the contents as well as the box’s intended destination in your new home, the bathroom or dining room, for example. Try to be as detailed as possible as this will help facilitate the process of unpacking later on.
• To provide extra protection for fragile items, add extra cushioning and “double-box” them.
• Limit the weight of each box. As much as possible, keep it within manageable levels. A good idea is to place heavier items in smaller boxes so it will be less physically demanding to carry them.
• Never use tape directly on painted or polished wood finishes. Taking the tape off later could result to surface damage.

Loading the Moving Truck

Once you think you have packed everything, don’t be too eager to start loading right away. Pause for a while to think if you missed packing anything. Keep your commercial moving supplies accessible, in case you need them.

Now, you can start loading. A lot of common sense is involved when loading the moving van. Obviously, the box containing your fragile items should be placed on top of the box containing your books, and not the other way around.

Things You Will Need for Your First Day (or Night) in Your New Home

To prepare for your first day or night in your new address, make sure you have packed the essentials in a single bag that you always have in your possession. You may want to include a simple dish that you can easily re-heat and enjoy once you get to your destination.

Following are some of the necessities that you must prepare and be readily accessible upon arriving at your new home:
• Make sure that each member of your household has a fresh set of clothes, personal hygiene kit, prescribed medication, and other personal necessities.
• There must be enough snacks, beverages, plastic utensils, paper cups, paper plates, paper towels, and toiletries for everyone. Likewise, be sure to have easy access to a first aid kit with basic medicines, flashlight, pen and paper, re-sealable bags, and trash bags, as you never know when you will need them.
• A toolkit that contains all the tools you need to assemble the items that had to be disassembled before the move.
• A set of beddings for each family member including pillows, bedsheets, and blankets

Moving can be stressful, but it helps if you have planned and packed well. With the right commercial moving supplies, the move can be easier and more fun – with no damaged furniture or dishes.

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