Lend A Box Raleigh

Entrepreneurship is a funny thing. Sometimes you set out to do one thing and end up doing something completely different than you originally planned.

In 2017, Sara and Randy Hall launched their box rental operation in Raleigh NC. They were the first company to bring eco-friendly moving solutions to the area, and enjoyed great success for four years. Thanks to our AMAZING CLIENTS, we reused our crates more than 15,000 times which kept 19,000 cardboard boxes out of the wastestream — 422 trees saved by our efforts!

In 2019, Sara had a dream that changed everything… and started the ball rolling in a new and exciting direction. While the whole world was quarantined during the coronavirus pandemic, Sara patented her ideas and built a new company that is leveraging the resources of Lend A Box Raleigh in a totally new and different way.

In Summer 2021, Talus Ridge came roaring to life, bringing their first product to market. As our clients already know, the boxes are easy to move around and pack exceptionally well. Talus Ridge built their entire fulfillment operation around utilization of these amazing crates leveraging Sara and Randy’s Lend A Box Raleigh experience. Using innovative processes and technology, Talus Ridge will continue the tradition of #ecofabulous sustainable solutions by significantly reducing cardboard waste in their operations.

Thank you to all of our clients for the amazing experience here in Raleigh. We’d love to connect with you at Talus Ridge. Drop by for a coffee, it’s on the house.

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