The End of the Roll.

The End of the Roll.

Packing or box tape, whatever you may call it, remains the modis operandi for cardboard box assembly. Although no one cherishes the box taping experience, you can’t avoid it if you rely on cardboard boxes  to support you with your next move. You’ll be reaching for that glorious ribbon of adhesive over and over for each and every box that you hope stays together.

Box assembly not only consumes hours of your precious time, it can oftentimes take you to the brink of screaming in exasperation, that is unless you have the patience of a saint. For example, who hasn’t lost the end of the tape because it stuck back down onto the roll? How long does it take to find it again? And once you do, it commences to tear down the middle as you pull the corner up. Also, just how much tape do you really need to buy in the first place? If you buy too much, then you’ve wasted your hard earned money. Conversely, if you don’t buy enough then another trip to the store is in your future. Hassle and then more hassle.

There is an easier, less ‘tacky’ alternative available. For your next move, consider leveraging commercial grade plastic boxes/bins to safely contain your belongings. They require no assembly and are vastly stronger than tape-on-cardboard will ever be. The bottoms of plastic boxes are seamless while the tops have attached, hinged lid flaps that are engineered to form a strong, flat surface when closed. If you also require your plastic box lid to be sealed for security/privacy, then you’ll be glad to hear that tape has been rendered unnecessary for that also. You can simply use the zip ties that are provided complimentary by most box rental companies. The round holes at either end of the lid flaps are engineered specifically for this purpose.

Next time you are in the market for moving supplies, boxes in particular, sidestep the frustration involved with taping cardboard boxes together — not to mention the expense of purchasing tape and dispensers. A better, easier solution is at hand. Clean, sturdy plastic boxes can be delivered to your garage or living room when you are ready to pack and then picked up when you are done.

The end of the tape roll never felt so good!

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