Top 10 reasons to use Lend A Box Raleigh

Top 10 reasons to use Lend A Box Raleigh

10. Ever seen wet cardboard? Not pretty.

9. Costs less – Yep, that can actually be the case because movers can load trucks faster!

8. Lend A Boxes can be reused for years, then recycled. They are also made in the U.S.A.

7. Convenience – we provide free delivery and pickup with residential packages.

6. Packing – clean, uniform sized boxes instead of mix and match.

5. Simplicity – everything brought to your door with no assembly required.

4. Motivation – your rental period means no half empty boxes lying around for weeks

3. Durability – our commercial grade boxes are crush resistant with strong handles.

2. Stackable – stack ‘em high!

1. Security/peace of mind – protects contents better, lock them shut with our free zip ties.

Bonus reason: Your mover will love them! Happy Mover = Happy Move!



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