Lend a Box for Storage - Lend a Box
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Lend a Box for Storage


Move to A Better Environment ®


Expand your closet.  Declutter your space.   Store seasonal items.  Keep track of everything online.  Simple & smart storage solutions to make your life easy.


Stress Free Storage for College Students!  We have short term storage solutions for summers away and study abroad semesters.  We’ll watch your fridge and bike until you get back.


Protect your documents! Use sturdy, lockable, crush-proof boxes.  Manage inventory?  We have flexible warehouse space to accommodate.  Custom storage solutions on demand.

How It Works

We deliver empty crates to your home or office free of charge.  We’ll even bring you a few extra, just in case. You pack them on your own schedule.  When you are ready, schedule a pickup of your packed crates and any other items you want us to take.  Our driver will secure your packed crates and tag your items (so we both can keep track of them).  We’ll collect any unused crates, and transport everything to our climate-controlled warehouse.  When you would like a re-delivery of an item, login to your account or call our reservation desk to schedule the return request. We’ll set an appointment and everything you need is brought to your door!

We Deliver Free Crates & You Pack

We Pick Up & Store Items

We Return Items On Demand

Simple Pricing. Easy Solution.

$4.50 per month for Small Boxes
$7.00 per month for Large Boxes


Free Delivery of empty Boxes & Collection of Items
$35.00 Redelivery Fee


*three month minimum required

Share the Good News! Join our #Ecofabulous Revolution and be part of our Storage Story

Know someone who would benefit from our simple and easy storage solution? Be a hero and send your friends a $20 Storage Credit to try it out.


We’ll send some love your way too. Each time someone signs up, you earn a $20 Storage Credit!


To activate your credit giving powers, just login and look up your referral code on the Client Details page. Or check out the PS on the emails we send you. Thank you for being a part of our story, you rock!