Meet the Team

Of Professional Boxers

Lend A Box | Janice


President, Co-Founder & Owner

Avid Box Enthusiast

Janice Gambaccini is a recovering attorney and by all accounts doing very well.  (Thank you, very much.)  We wear many hats at Lend A Box, and Janice has quite an extensive collection, since she takes care of all the corporate stuff. She is especially fond of her pink hat with all the feathers and glitter.


Janice’s Life Goal: Janice strives to be a good role model for her daughter, to see the world, and watch the sunset every night with her husband.  If she creates a wildly successful company and play a few rounds of golf along the way, then she’d count herself as amazingly lucky.


Janice received her B.A. from the University of Virginia and her J.D. from the George Washington University.  Currently Janice serves on the Advisory Board for the City of Fairfax Theatre Company.

Stephanie Zimmermann brings passion and creativity to our company, heading up the Warehouse Logistics, Business Development and Marketing for Lend A Box.  A former business consultant, Stephanie loves being an entrepreneur.  She also enjoys working in the warehouse and secretly wants to be a forklift operator.


Stephanie’s Role Models: Stephanie has always admired philanthropists, Bill and Melinda Gates and the work they do to help others in need. Most weekends, you’ll find Stephanie working as a volunteer for Girl Scouts – her perfect day is somewhere out in nature, with a bit of sunshine peeking through the clouds, working on something fun with her scouts.


Stephanie received her BS in Decision Sciences and Management Information Systems from George Mason University.  She has been recognized by Mason as a Prominent Patriot in Business.  Currently, she serves on the Women In Business Initiative Advisory Board for the School of Business.

Lend A Box | Stephanie


Vice President, Co-Founder & Owner

Chief Box Engineer

Lend A Box | Randy


Box Operator, Raleigh

Regional Box Wrangler

Randy Hall knows a few things about how to make things work. A life-long enthusiast of classic cars and especially his 1964 Corvair, we know he knows his way around an engine. Lucky for us, his passion for the tiny details translates into a nicely tuned, well-run Lend A Box operation in Raleigh, too!


Most weekends, you’ll find Randy and his wife out trekking the great outdoors with their kids. Dirt bikes, power tools, hiking shoes are all standard equipment for their fun filled adventures.


Randy’s Song: Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat. Yeah, lucky about sums it up.


Randy received his Associate of Arts from Tarrant County College and his Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Texas Arlington.

Harriet Church can be found most days out and about sharing the good word about Lend A Box.  Known around the warehouse for her homemade scones, we’ve started hosting pop-up tea parties as an excuse to get her to make more yummies for us.  (You really need to try them! We aren’t kidding.)


Harriet’s Favourite Song:  Singing in the Rain – Dancing is Harriet’s passion, and Gene Kelly is her dancing hero, who happens to be the star of Singing in the Rain.  She first saw this when she was a little lass, and has shared it with her girls when they were little tykes too… The dancing “gene” definitely runs in her family!


Harriet received her BA (Honours) in Banking and Modern Languages from the University College of North Wales, Bangor.

Lend A Box | Age 6


Business Development

Inside-the-Box Thinker

Lend A Box | Lee


Warehouse Manager

Box Commander, 1st Division

Lee Hall is a man of many talents, one of our favorite drivers on the planet, our warehouse manager, and a coffee connoisseur.


Lee’s Role Models:  Lord Cochraine, the penultimate naval hero.  As you can see from his picture, Lee’s a fan.  In fact, much of his free time is spent building hand crafted model ships with his son.

Lee received his BS in Geography from Towson State University, his Diploma from the Naval War College, and MMS from the Marine Corps Command and Staff College

Lend A Box has a reputation for hiring rock stars.  And anyone who knew Matt Law when he was thirteen, would know we were right.  Matt played bass in an AC/DC cover band, and rocked a wicked (and iconic) hairstyle to boot!  Today he’s chilled out a bit in his musical tastes… he loves obscure bands with authentic vibes.


Matt also has a secret identity.  Actually, he has many.  But the one we are going to share with you is that he is a Realtor.  One of the perks of being a driver for Lend A Box is that he’s super familiar with the area – he really knows the neighborhoods!  If you are looking for an excellent realtor with an insider’s knowledge of great apartments, condo communities and homes in the area, seriously consider talking with Matt.


Matt attended West Virginia University.

Lend A Box | Matt


Business Development, Rockstar Driver

Box Ninja

Lend A Box