Reston VA Packing Supplies

Reston VA Packing Supplies: Checklist of Necessary Packing Supplies for Your Move

When relocating, you obviously want all your furniture, appliances, and other personal effects to arrive at your new home without a scratch. The key here is to pack properly. Thus, you need to have the right Reston VA packing supplies.

By using the right packing supplies, you will be able to save on time and labor, but not necessarily on cost. For example, while you can use old newspaper to wrap your glassware, this results to dirty glasses or mugs once you unpack. Using bubble wrap for the same purpose will be more convenient.

After you have decided on which household items you will bring with you, identify the ones that will need special packaging, based on awkward shapes, and fragility. Include pictures and frames. Once all these items are identified, you can now source for the appropriate Reston VA packing supplies.

Common Packing Supplies

Following are the typical supplies you will need when moving to a new home:
•Small, medium, large, and XL-sized moving boxes
•Heavy duty boxes
•Wardrobe boxes
•Electronics boxes
•Unprinted news wrap
•Bubble wrap roll (150 ft.)
•Permanent box markers
•Clear sealing tapes

Where to Find Packing Supplies

Some movers provide packing supplies as part of the service, but some charge higher than what you can find in the market. You can buy from your local office supplies outlet or moving retailer, but you can find the widest selections online including specialty items that may not be available in local retail outlets. You can also easily compare prices online. Just make sure the online vendor you are considering sells in small quantities and not only in large volumes.

Specialty Boxes

The Reston VA packing supplies listed above are already sufficient for regular moves. However, in some cases, people need to move specialty items like computer equipment, framed artwork or large mirrors. Thus, you may need to buy supplies outside of the list.

Moving boxes for mirrors and artwork are more durable and specifically shaped to fit. Many of these boxes also come with frame protectors that securely attach to the corners of the mirror or artwork to protect the item from damage while in transit. You can also buy corrugated cardboard to keep delicate items separated or to protect glass surfaces during the move.

You can also buy specialty packing supplies for guitars, mattresses, lamps, and cribs, among others from online shops. File boxes for your documents and other important papers are also available.
Packing Accessories

While some of the packing accessories listed below may be replaced with ordinary household items (like a pair of scissors for a box cutter), these items are “nice and convenient to have.” The more organized you are when packing, the easier and faster the move. If you buy Reston VA packing supplies specifically for moving, then you can easily set aside a box for your packing supplies so everything will be easy to access the next time you need anything.

For packing, cushioning and protection:

•Plain newsprint or brown paper – can be used for glassware, but not for items with sensitive surfaces like lampshades
•Stretch wrap – to protect surfaces and to keep awkwardly-shaped items together (like ski poles)
•Peanuts – to fill up empty spaces
•Foam – for extra protection
•Stretch wrap – to protect surfaces and to keep awkwardly-shaped items
•Inflatable bags – when inflated, can be used to fill up empty spaces

Labels for tagging boxes or packages:

•Pre-printed – standard labels that have already been printed to address the more common labeling requirements
•Custom-printed – printed to address specific labeling needs; for example “Keep this side up,” “For kitchen utensils,” or “Handle with extreme care.”
•Blank – comes in different sizes; may be prepared on single sheets that you can print on from your personal computer; versatile and cheaper than pre-printed and custom-printed labels

For miscellaneous purposes

•Mattress covers – a soft foam cover that helps protect the mattress from rips and punctures
•Box cutter – a utility blade sharp enough to slice thick materials
•Markers – can be used to mark “difficult to write on” surfaces like plastic and glass.

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