Fueled by Girl Power!

Fueled by Girl Power!

Fueled by Girl Power! Lend A Box®

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.28.41 AMWhen we were young, my sisters and I loved the expression, “Girl Power!” We used it obsessively. It was the ultimate answer to life’s most interesting questions. But digging deeper into my memory, I realized that Girl Power was our mother’s gift to us. She taught us at an early age that we could in fact do anything we wanted to do, all we had to do was try. She led by example, encouraged us to try out ideas and expected nothing but the best, no matter what the result was.

Fast forward to today. Girl Power still rocks our life. Our company, Lend A Box, isn’t just about the boxes. It’s about the empowerment that comes with being an entrepreneur, a business owner, a market disrupter, and having the ability to say, “Yes!” to help others achieve their goals. You can see the positive (and sometimes negative) effects of your
daily decisions manifest in a million different ways. What I love is that we are active participants in creating the story. When we work with a client, and she tells us
that we made her life just a bit easier, that her move was a success, or that her project is done – that’s Girl Power paying it forward, fueling us and others.

Creating a company is one of the most fun, scary, difficult, exhilarating, exhausting and crazy experiences one can have. The inspiration for sticking to the plan comes from many, but first and foremost, for us it came from our Mom – our number one cheerleader, the first investor, and the person we want to show that we can do it,
just like she did before us.

Our responsibility is to continue the tradition that was started by the strong  women we admire, and to nurture and inspire our daughters to follow in our footsteps. That’s not so easy is it? In our households, it starts with a fist bump. Life lessons, important messages, and restarts are always punctuated with a Girl Power fist bump. (High fives definitely work too, but our kids are partial to the many modern variations that come with the fist bumps!) Every day when I wake up, I make an effort to do my best, and hope that I can inspire Girl Power to work its magic in those we love most and the wonderful people we work with in the many different facets of life.

– Stephanie and Janice