Nature’s Art is a Natural

Nature’s Art is a Natural

Guest Blogger – Wade Gilley, Realtor
Nature’s Art is a Natural

No matter where you live, the great outdoors is the perfect place to seek out something for your next table top decoration or centerpiece. Flowers are a no-brainer for anybody, and I know you’ve heard that expression about bringing the outside in with plants and vegetation. Nature’s bounty can work well wherever you live and in any season. This cost effective decorating that anyone can do just takes a bit of imagination and a few minutes. Mother Nature’s prolific art forms can become a showstopper that will have your guests and family talking. Here’s an idea for every season:

*It’s Autumn and the lineup of squash, gourds and veggies from your grocer or the farm market makes an easy harvest tabletop. Toss in a few acorns, or unshelled almonds or walnuts. Colorful leaves (craft store fakes or real) are optional. Nothing is breakable and everything but the leaves are edible when you are done.

*A summertime idea: Fill Gramma’s big platter with a layer of sand and pile some seashells or beach stones on top. Tiny pieces of driftwood work, and if you have a family goldfish, consider making his crystal bowl a star attraction.

*Spring is Spring no matter where you live. For springtime drama, clip budding branches from your shrubs or trees–crab apple trees, pussy willow bushes, or forsythia are winners, but any will do. Smash the cut end with a hammer, and plunge into water and wait. Watch the buds pop and flowers bloom. A vase or even a watering can would make a great vessel.

*Winter might sound less colorful, but a tablescape of dried grasses, pine cones and evergreen clippings can be jazzed up with another trip to the grocer. Add tiny apples, tangerines, pomegranates or pears for visual interest and light it all up with a simple white candle or two.

Call or email me if you want more fun, simple and nature inspired ideas like this.

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