Packing Tips and Tricks with Lend-A-Box

Packing Tips and Tricks with Lend-A-Box

The crazy packing process is officially underway and I made a ton of progress this weekend so I wanted to share a few tips and tricks to make packing for a move efficient and organized. For this move, I’m partnering up with the great people at Lend-A-Box! They are an environmentally and budget friendly alternative to cardboard moving boxes.

I’ve only used cardboard boxes in past moves, but after just a couple days of packing with these reusable boxes, I don’t think I can ever go back! These are much sturdier, protective and overall just easier to use than cardboard boxes. I’ve saved so much time already by not having to gather free cardboard boxes all over the city, assemble them, etc. Lend-A-Box delivered these to my door on Saturday morning and they’ll pick them up at my new place after I’m done packing. The boxes also came with moving dollies and a large wardrobe box.  Upon arrival to my apartment:IMG_6480

IMG_6484 IMG_6472

Now, on to the packing tips!

Protecting your items: These boxes are much more protective than cardboard, but I still wanted additional padding for boxes with vases, dishes, wine glasses, etc. I lined a couple with bubble wrap but also utilized items I already had (and would be packing anyway):IMG_6574

These dish drying mats were perfect for a little added cushion for fragile items:

Using every last inch: To make the most out of each box, think of it like a puzzle or grid and utilize as much space as possible. This will keep your number of boxes down and will also keep your items protected because there won’t be much room for items to shift in the moving process if they’re tightly packed.


Also consider what you’re packing and if smaller items can fit into larger containers. My ice bucket, for example, was stuffed with a vase, straws and other accessories from the bar before being packed away:IMG_6580

Staying organized: After enough brainstorming and online research, I came up with a system to label, organize and keep track of all the boxes. I designated a number series for each room of the new apartment and created an excel spreadsheet to take note of the contents of each box after I packed it. When it’s time to move and unpack, I’ll have a good idea of where almost everything is located and won’t be digging through every single box to find something. This will also be helpful for the movers to know where to place each box. For example, everything that goes in the bedroom will be labeled 201, 202, etc. IMG_6581IMG_6582Here’s the packing progress after two long days this weekend: IMG_6620IMG_6625IMG_6623 I’ve also started clustering some of the furniture into one corner so the movers can easily access furniture that needs to be protected in shrink wrap and I’ll have all of the boxes grouped in another corner of the apartment:IMG_6616If you’re in the DC area and have an upcoming move, be sure to check out Lend-A-Box! I’ve been really pleased with both their product and customer service so far and would highly recommend them.

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