10 Ways to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

10 Ways to Make Moving Fun for the Whole Family

Guest Blogger: Kaitlin Krull


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Moving house is a stressful time for everyone, let alone for families. Keeping track of all your possessions, children, and sanity during the process seems like an insurmountable task. Take the stress out of your move with games, experiences, and new traditions that your whole family can enjoy. Here are 10 of the best ways to make moving fun for the whole family.

Let the kids pack

While no one expects their kids to be able to pack up all of their belongings before a house move, it’s a good idea to give your children a few smaller packing jobs to help them feel included in the process. Set up a few boxes and have your children pack up stuffed animals, puzzles, or books. Just make sure you start this well before the move, because we all know how short children’s attention spans can be!

Draw a map

Any moving themed craft activities before moving day will help your kids become familiar with the idea of relocating and what it entails, but drawing a map linking your old home to the new one will allow them to see exactly where they’ve come from and where they’re going. If your move is over a large distance, let them check out an atlas or Google maps for reference. You’ll be surprised just how interested in geography they will become.

Document the move

This is an important and often overlooked step in the moving process. If you have older children, make this their own project and encourage them to use multiple media sources to document the move: diaries, journals, photos, and videos will keep them entertained for hours. The nostalgia you will feel when you revisit the moving experience will make it all worthwhile.

Visit the new place

If you are able, take the kids over to the new house before moving day. Sometimes children struggle with intangible ideas and places, so the more they know about the new place, the better. Being able to get a feel for the neighborhood and the layout of the new house will make them feel more at home when you move in (and it just might do the same for the grownups, too).

Get a babysitter

Don’t be afraid to accept the help of friends and family on moving day. There is nothing worse than a tired, stressed-out family trying to load all their possessions into and out of a moving van (something we at Modernize know all too well). If you can find someone to watch the kids for a few hours while the old house is being cleared and the new one filled, fantastic. Even better if the kids get to do something extra special while they’re away (a trip to the zoo, playground, or anywhere special will take their minds off the stresses of home).

Give a moving gift

This doesn’t have to be anything ridiculous, but a new stuffed animal or other comforting toy might help more anxious children to acclimatize to the new place sooner. For older kids, a new Lego set or book to read will give them something to do for an hour or two while you unpack boxes or hang photos on the wall.

Say goodbye to the old house

Anyone who has moved house before knows that closure is an important, if less than fun, part of the moving process. Children will benefit especially from one last walk around the old house. Make it memorable by letting the kids ride their scooters around empty rooms or have one final game of hide and seek before you go.

Make the first night special

Sometimes the first night in a new place is more stressful than the move itself. Piles of boxes, no seating to speak of, and a general disorganized mess can make for a less than successful meal and bedtime. Throw the rules out the window on the first night, order pizza, and camp out on the living room floor. These are the things memories are made of.

Let the kids decorate their new rooms

As a parent, you will have the official veto, but allowing your kids to have their say in how their new rooms are decorated will mean a lot to them. Try to steer away from any cartoon characters or too-bold color choices if you don’t want to decorate again any time soon, but otherwise, let them go wild.

Create a new tradition

On the first night in your new home, celebrate a new beginning with cake and ice cream. One year later, you can celebrate the first anniversary of your move with the same rituals and memories (and cake, of course!).


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