Exciting New Twist in the Mundane World of Moving Boxes

Exciting New Twist in the Mundane World of Moving Boxes

Lend A Box is a local company that offers an exciting new twist in the mundane world of moving boxes.  We deliver environmentally friendly plastic moving boxes to clients before they move and pick them up when the move is done.   Lend A Box is just starting out, and we are striving to get the company moving (pun intended).  In the short term, we are anticipating a busy spring and summer, traditionally the busiest time of the year for moves.  We are currently servicing the Northern Virginia area, but our long term goal is to expand up and down the East coast, first, and then ultimately, across the country.  Just because someone is moving cross country doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the same environmentally friendly options as some moving to a neighborhood down the street.

Janice Gambaccini, President and Stephanie Zimmermann, Chief Box Engineer are our special guests and the co-founders of Lend A Box.

Contact information:

Lend A Box LLC

Phone: 703-988-2470
Site: www.lendabox.com