Residential Rentals
Dolly, Rental

Our dollies are custom fitted to move our plastic boxes.

Dollies are included in all of our residential packages.  If you order boxes a la carte, you will need to add in a dolly to your order.
And, having additional dollies are useful for speeding up moves (and saving backs).
When you are all done unpacking, stack the empty boxes on a dolly, and push them to a corner until it’s time for their pickup.

Dollies hold up to 4 loaded boxes or 20 nested boxes.  650 lb capacity.

If you are ordering for an office move or renovation, an industry standard is 1 dolly for every 4 boxes.  Our commercial packages use the 1:4 ratio.

Here are some #lifehacks for using your dolly:
1. When moving heavy boxes (please not more than 50 lbs!) put the heaviest boxes closer to the ground.  It’s much easier to unload if you don’t have to lift a heavy box above your waist level.
2. You can push 4 full boxes using our dollies and still see where you are going!
3. You can use your toes to lift the dolly up over sidewalk cracks or uneven doorways.  Slide your foot under the dolly between the wheels and push up gently, while holding onto the stack of boxes with your hands.