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Safely transport up to 15 glasses per large Lend A Box with our reusable plastic glass dividers. Remove or move dividers to create custom spaces for larger items.  

Our reusable, plastic Glass Dividers are custom designed to fit into our boxes and arrive ready to use.

We recommend wrapping glasses in paper or bubble wrap, especially if the glasses are thinner than the divider compartments.

Glass Dividers are made of corrugated plastic.  Like our boxes, we pick them up when you’re done, clean them and rent them again.

Product Specification:

  • Holds up to 15 glasses
  • Pre-assembled and delivered with a Lend A Box
  • Overall Dimensions: 23.5”L x 13.7”W x 10.8”H
  • Compartment Dimensions: 3.7”L x3.7”W x10.8”H