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Lend A Box | Ribbon Cutting

We will issue a full refund for any moving supplies delivered to you if they are returned to us unused and in their original packaging no later than the date that Lend A Box® picks up its Lend A Boxes from you.  All refunds will be debited to the credit card on which the original transaction was processed.


We will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver products as quickly as possible, and within the time indicated.  We are not, however, responsible for delivery delays beyond our control.  We will endeavor to notify users if delivery is delayed.  We reserve the right not to deliver to certain addresses or zip codes.


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This agreement between Lend A Box®, LLC and you, the user, supersedes all prior agreements and understandings pertaining to this subject matter.

Rental Terms

These Rental Terms apply to your rental of our Lend A Boxes, Wardrobe Boxes, and Dollies.  References to “You” means the customer renting Equipment.  Any references to the “Equipment” means the Lend A Boxes, Wardrobes, Dollies, all accessories and additions thereto, and all replacements and renewals thereof that Lend A Box® has agreed to rent to You.  Any references to the “Rental Period” means the time span commencing when the Equipment is delivered to You and ending when the Equipment is returned to and accepted by Lend A Box®.  By accepting delivery of the Equipment from Lend A Box®, You agree to the terms set forth in these Rental Terms

  1. Lend A Box® shall deliver the Equipment to You in fully serviceable condition.  It is Your responsibility to check the Equipment against delivery invoices and notify Lend A Box® of any shortage or damage within 24 hours of the delivery.  In the absence of any such notification, You will be deemed to be satisfied with the quantity and condition of the Equipment, and that it is suitable for the purpose required.
  2. While Lend A Box® will always strive to deliver exactly what You order, Lend A Box® reserves the right to change the size of the boxes provided to You based on availability and demand.  The boxes delivered to You will have an equivalent cubic volume to the boxes You originally ordered.
  3. Lend A Box® will deliver the Equipment to the delivery address provided by You.  You will be responsible for any applicable delivery charges.
  4. Full payment for Your use of the Equipment during the Rental Term and the delivery charges is required upon placing the order.  In circumstances when full payment is not made at the time the order is placed, full payment is required no later than upon delivery of the Equipment to You.
  5. You acknowledge that You have sole responsibility to schedule and be present at appointments for delivery and pick-up of the Equipment.  If You do not give Lend A Box® at least 24 hours notice to reschedule appointments, You will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of your total order amount.
  6. You acknowledge that the Equipment is in Your care, custody and control during the Rental Period and that You are responsible for maintaining it in good condition (excluding reasonable wear and tear) and for paying any charges incurred with respect to the Equipment delivered to you by Lend A Box® for use during the Rental Period.  You agree that if the Equipment is damaged during the Rental Term, You will immediately notify Lend A Box®.  You accept responsibility for all loss or damage to the Equipment (excluding reasonable wear and tear, as determined by Lend A Box®) that occurs during the Rental Period.  If the Equipment is damaged or lost (and such damage or loss is not the result of reasonable wear and tear) while in Your possession, You will be obligated to pay the current full retail value of the damaged or lost Equipment.  You agree to use the Equipment in a prudent and proper manner and to comply with and conform to all national, state, municipal, police and other laws, ordinances, and regulations in any way relating to the possession, use or maintenance of the Equipment.
  7. You acknowledge that You have sole responsibility to have the Equipment returned to Lend A Box® by the agreed upon date.  For each additional week (or part thereof) that the Equipment is not returned, there will be additional weekly rental charges as follows: (a) $1.00 per Lend A Box®; (b) $7.00 per Wardrobe; and (c) $5.00 per Dolly.  If the Equipment is not returned within 30 days after the end of the Rental Period and there has been no communication from You to Lend A Box® to extend the Rental Period, Lend A Box® will assume that You wish to purchase the Equipment from Lend A Box® and You will be charged the current full retail value of the Equipment.  You will also be charged for all expenses, costs and charges whatsoever incurred by or on behalf of Lend A Box® in ascertaining Your whereabouts or the Equipment or any part thereof or in taking possession of the same. You will also repay Lend A Box® for all costs and charges and expenses incurred by reason of any breach of the Agreement by You.
  8. You are responsible for the all expenses incurred by You with respect to Your use of the Equipment.  You acknowledge that Your credit card will be kept on file for the duration of the Rental Period.  You acknowledge and authorize Lend A Box® to charge any amount associated with the above stated Rental Terms to Your credit card.  You acknowledge that You will be responsible for any payments to Lend A Box® that are not charged to Your credit card for any reason, including Your credit card being rejected or reaching its maximum balance.  All refunds will be debited to the credit or debit card on which the original transaction was processed.
  9. All transactions and other business undertaken by Lend A Box® are subject to these Rental Terms, each of which shall be deemed to be incorporated in and to be a condition of any agreement between Lend A Box® and You.  No agent or employee of Lend A Box® has the authority to alter or vary these conditions.
  11. You expressly agree that You rent the Equipment “as is.”  Lend A Box® shall be under no liability for any loss or damage or consequential loss or damage whatsoever (including delay in delivery) with respect to or arising out of or in conjunction with the Equipment or any part of parts thereof howsoever caused.  You assume the risk of liability arising from or pertaining to the possession, operation or use of the Equipment.  You shall indemnify and hold Lend A Box® harmless against all claims, demands, damages, liabilities, or costs arising out of the use, possession or operation of the Equipment during the Rental Period.
  12. You agree that You have no right of property in the Equipment except the right to use the Equipment in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  13. This agreement may be terminated by Lend A Box® if (a) You fail to pay any charges hereunder within seven (7) days of this agreement become due (whether demanded or not), or (b) if You seek protection under the bankruptcy laws other than as a creditor, or (c) if You are unable to pay Your bills as they become due or otherwise insolvent.  No payment subsequently accepted by Lend A Box® shall in any way prejudice or affect the operation of this provision.  In the event the agreement is terminated pursuant to this provision, You shall thereafter no longer be in possession of the Equipment with Lend A Box®’s permission or consent.  Lend A Box® may therefore retake possession of all of the Equipment without notice and for that purpose, enter upon any premises belonging to or in Your occupation or control.  In the event of a default or non-payment by You, Lend A Box® may pursue all the rights and remedies accorded to Lend A Box® under such circumstances, including but not limited to any remedy at law or in equity.
  14. You agree that under no circumstances shall You sublease, rent, hire, lend, assign, pledge, encumber or otherwise part with possession of the Equipment.
  15. No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer, or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by this Agreement.
  16. No forbearance or indulgence shown or granted by Lend A Box® to You in any regard whosoever shall constitute a waiver of any of the conditions to be performed by You or in any way affect, diminish, restrict or prejudice the rights and powers of Lend A Box®.
  17. Unless stated otherwise in this Agreement, if any of the provisions in this Agreement shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, such provisions shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provision.
  18. This is a Virginia Agreement. The parties to the Agreement agree to be bound by Virginia law. If there is a dispute between the parties, the parties agree to bring the action in a Fairfax County, Virginia court with Virginia law applying.